HEALTHY Weight Loss Tips

crash diets

There are a lot of “fad” or “crash” diets out there that promise that you’ll find a way of losing 10 pounds easily.

I tried some of them and in my experience the weight always comes back as soon as you go off the diet some weight loss tips given are not something that will work with your body. One thing you do not want to do if you are truly serious about losing weight is to follow these fad diets and their ridiculous weight loss tips. After their ineffectiveness has been proven time and time again, people still want a quick fix, and head on the search for a new trend. Lets be honest, people are always searching for new weight loss tips because they want to lose pounds and they want immediate results, but this is just wishful thinking. If you use a crash diet, starvation diet, zero calorie diet, etc. not only will you be seriously compromising your health, but you have a 90% chance of regaining the weight you lost within a month and around a 70% of gaining more than you lost.

To lose weight permanently and effectively is a rather slow progress, according to your metabolic rate and how much you lose. However, there is evidence of proven weight loss tips to help in the process of losing weight, and I can familiarize you with them.

REMEMBER! If you’ve made no effort, the weight WILL come back eventually.

Weight Loss Tip 1
Do not skip breakfast. Whatever else you do or don’t do, you MUST follow this advice, because otherwise it is much more likely to be a factor in binging later in the day. Eating a good breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up sets your metabolism into overdrive all day. Even more so if you manage to get in 15 mins of cardio before you eat. Skipping breakfast moves your metabolism into sluggish mode so even if you eat a good lunch, you’re grazing/craving all late afternoon and evening.

Weight Loss Tip 2
Don’t consume food for 2 hours before going to bed. Anything you eat in this time will convert to body fat.

Weight Loss Tip 3
Do not snack while watching TV. It is acceptable to eat a meal while watching television, but it is never acceptable for snacking. Always snack where you can track what you are eating. If you absolutely must snack during tv watching, ONLY bring an acceptable amount of food. 1 apple, 1 cookie, etc. You should never consume more than around 200 calories for a snack (including your beverage).

Weight Loss Tip 4
Don’t eat sugar filled treats, eat fruits instead like; bananas, apples, watermelon, nectarines, peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, and oranges.

Weight Loss Tip 5
Substitute honey for sugar and carob powder for chocolate in all recipes. These taste just as good if not better, when used correctly. Replacing white flour with wheat flour is a huge help too if you can.

Weight Loss Tip 6
Eat more vegetables. There are many many recipes using vegetables that can be found in cookbooks or on the internet. Sneak veggies into things where you wont notice. Add grated carrots, squash, or zucchini to spaghetti sauce for example. You wont even notice a flavor change.

Weight Loss Tip 7
Avoid foods high in calories. Instead try a nutrient rich, sweet tasting smoothie, or a salad not rich in calories, for example, try cottage cheese or yogurt to improve the taste of salads and take off the pounds.

Weight Loss Tip 8
Exercise for at least half an hour every day for four days a week. This doesn’t HAVE to be a solid half hour. You can break it into 10 or 15 minute increments. Biking on a stationery bike while reading is a great way to go, or put a tv in front of the treadmill, or walk with your e-Reader. In conclusion, there is nothing to prevent you from losing weight except yourself.

Berry Smoothies Health benefits

Smoothies are a nutritious way of getting a good supply of vitamins, nutrients, good sugars and antioxidants into your system. The last term may not mean much to many people, as it is often used as a tag line for doctors and health salesmen to make it sound like their products are better than others, but antioxidants are a very important part of a healthy diet.

When your body breaks down food, chemicals, and other substances in your body, a great amount of that break down is in the form of oxidation. Like rust, oxidation occurs when oxygen bonds with other materials, to make a different kind of material. When oxidation happens, it creates something called a free radical. Those free radicals are harmful to your health; they can penetrate cells, can cause damage to the cells, or worse, they can damage your chromosomes. That damage can cause your cells to go out of control, and voila, you have one of the causes of cancer and other illnesses.

So, getting these free radicals out of your system, and reducing their creation can reduce your chances of cancer. That is why antioxidants are so important in your diet, they reduce the reactions that create the free radicals that harm your cells and cause cancer, heart disease, even Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Luckily, some of the tastiest fruits and berries out there are also have some of the highest concentrations of free radicals. You might even be putting them into your smoothies all ready, just because they taste good.
Some of the highest antioxidant providing berries are:


Blueberries – A single cup of wild blueberries have almost 10 times the USDA recommended minimum intake of antioxidants, 10 times! Even cultivated blueberries have 6-7 times the USDA recommended minimum pre cup.


Cranberries – Not always the first choice for tossing into a healthy smoothie, but these tart berries have as many anti-oxidants as a cup of cultivated blueberries. Not to everyone’s taste, but they just add that little bit of contrast to a sweet smoothie you’ll love.


Blackberries, Raspberries, Marion berries – All of the berries from this family are brimming with antioxidants. Best of all, they are extremely popular, and you can usually find them as a lovely added flavor for your smoothie.


Strawberries – That’s right, the staple fruit of the smoothie is filled with antioxidant goodness. Not as much as some as the listed above, but a cup’s worth of them still have more than the recommended daily USDA value for antioxidants.

All of the above berries make fantastic additions to your daily smoothie. That said, nutritionists have said that as much as those berries provide so many antioxidants, our bodies aren’t built to take them all in a berry’s uncooked form. So they recommend getting more then you need, and mixing and matching your intake so that you get the most out of what you eat. What more can you ask for? We’re giving you an excuse to load up your daily smoothie with delicious berries of all kinds and you can truly say you are doing it for better health!