Super Healthy Spinach and Carrot Smoothie

carrot and spinach smoothie

So I went to see my dietician yesterday. I visit her once a month these days to help keep me on track and on top of new research and such and she reminds me that it’s recommended that within the 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies recommended daily (8-10 servings for males 19-50) that at least one of those should be an orange veggie and one should be a green veggie. So I got to experimenting last night and found a great way to get 4 servings in one glass.


2 cups of chopped spinach (frozen works as well as fresh, but cut amount in half or the flavor is overwhelming)
1 cup of chopped carrots (Pureed in a food processor first works too but measure them chopped and then puree)
1 1/2 cups of 100% apple juice
4 ice cubes (omit if using frozen spinach and use a couple tablespoons of water as needed for consistency)


Pour the apple juice into a blender, add the chopped spinach whirl until smooth.
Add the chopped carrots and blend well.
Add the ice cubes and more juice if necessary.
Blend on high until smooth.
Surprisingly good!