Daily Motivation for Successful Weight Loss

Why would you want to lose weight?

Is it to have less fat on your body? Or is it because of the well being you think you will feel with losing 10 pounds? Do you think you will have more vitality, or be more attractive, thereby increasing your confidence and self esteem? Almost everything we do is aimed at changing the way we feel. We determine our future when making a final decision.

For me, everything changed the day I decided to dedicate myself to be and achieve what I want in life. Think about it. There is a difference between being interested in something and committing to it. People often say: Oh, I want to lose weight; But such statements do not constitute a commitment. Most people actually are subconsciously thinking it interests me, if I don’t need to lift a finger. But this is not empowering.

Unfortunately, most people do not take action because they are busy making excuses. If you have not reached your goal or you do not live their dream life, highlighting how that arose, in the absence of choice when they were young, lack of education or the fact they are old. All these excuses are not significant. Not only are they restrictive, but also destructive. If you do not establish some basic rules that you are willing to accept in your life, you will find it very easy to fall into unhealthy behaviour or attitude. If you have made a firm decision to lose weight, you can do it. Your life will change when making a firm decision.

The difficult part of the exercise is to get up, and gp out and do it. Once you begin the exercise, you rarely regret it and most people actually enjoy it. But you have to begin. The exercise has to become one of your priorities. You must take time for it. You have to find a passion. If you do not like what you do, you will not do it. Try to improve your times or lift more weight. Turn on more muscle through strength training. Muscle burns more calories around the clock.

Finally, the workouts may now leave you feeling blah! You need to reinvent yourself and change your way of doing things. These tips will help you stay motivated. Train for an event, or break from your routine and work your upper body and lower body on different days. Walk or run uphill, you can burn calories almost 25% more. Try a different exercise for each muscle group. Hire a personal trainer. Change the number of reps you do, every 2-4 weeks, and up the weight. Use a heart rate monitor and measure your progress. Add intervals to your cardio. Alternate 2 minutes of high intensity exercise with 1 minute of lower intensity. You must get to the point where you absolutely cannot duplicate it again. Try a new routine. Ask someone to help you in the gym.

Join a team. Count to 10 when lifting weights, and 5 when you descend. It can increase your strength by almost 50%. Try yoga or Pilates. These disciplines force you to move your body differently, which also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. Exercise should be part of your life as eating, drinking and breathing. You should try to do your daily exercise routine of a normal day. 5 ways to fight plateaus Vary your weights cons Change the order of your exercises Vary the angles of slots Add cardio to your weight training instead of a circuit, make a series of great games. Perform each move back-to-back with a feature that emphasizes the same muscles.

Drink a MINIMUM of 8 glasses of water a day. More if you sweat. This is the single most important factor in weight loss.

Once you know the real honest reasons you want to lose the weight, start reminding yourself every day. Write it on a slip of paper and tape it near your mirror so you see it when you brush your teeth and comb your hair. You CAN succeed. You just have to want it bad enough.