Pear Nut Smoothie

pear smoothie

I was at the grocery store this past week and noticed that pears have dropped substantially in price and there were more type choices. I’m guessing that means in season and all I can say is yay :) I hate hate hate canned pears, but fresh ones are oh so yummy. Here’s an awesome recipe for an awesome fruit. (btw, pears can be substituted for bananas in most recipes. You lose a little bit of potassium but it’s cool for people who hate bananas but still want that thickness and nutrient dense carbs.)

1 ripe medium banana, peeled and frozen
1/4 c raw nuts (pecans, cashews, almonds) or 1 Scoop protein powder
2 ripe pears, cores removed (not overripe or it will alter the taste)
2 T honey (or 2 tsp sugar if you prefer)
1/2 c water (can substitute juice of your choice, but omit sugar/honey. Be aware this raises the calorie count substantially too)
About a dozen ice cubes

Put water and honey in first, spin for 2 seconds on low.
Add nuts and pears first, then banana and ice.
Blend on lowest setting for 15 seconds, then high until smooth.