Water Makes the Best Smoothie

Drinking Water and Why It’s So Good for You

Some call it aqua. Others call it H2O. Some of you don’t even drink a half of it that you are supposed to drink. Do you know what you are missing out on? Many don’t really understand this and they could be doing their body some good had they known about all of these things. Read along as we teach you some of the things that water can do for you so maybe you will incorporate this into your day just a bit more than what you are currently taking in.

Water keeps our brains healthy. You might wonder how they do that, but in order for your brain to survive, it has to have enough water to do so. When you study the anatomy of the brain, you will come to realize that your brains are actually composed of ninety percent water. If it doesn’t have that much water then you might feel yourself go into a daze. Many of us have experienced this when we got over dehydrated.

Your body has to be at a certain temperature in order to work. It’s like a machine. If it gets too hot, then you will find right away that you cannot function. During the months when it’s super hot, many wonder how they can regulate this. Well, water can actually regulate your body’s temperature.

One thing we have found through the years is that water is great for our bodies because of the cells that are in them. To work like they should, these cells need enough nutrients and enough oxygen. Therefore, to help with that process is the water that we drink.

Your body needs protection. The organs and the joints in your body depend on water for this as it moisturizes. Yet, more so, the body does something else. The body uses the water to transport the nutrients to these things and that is why our body is made up of eighty percent water.

The last thing that you will find water doing is that it will keep the icky things that lay us down in bed for a few weeks. It has been reported that those who drink water daily and get enough Vitamin c won’t get sick as often as someone who doesn’t. Therefore, the body takes the water, the water runs right through us who many of us know and flushes out all those toxins that harm us and cause us to get ill.

Here is to water and all it can do for you. Many have wondered why it is known as the thing that you need to drink more of. Now, you have been well educated. So, start drinking and start living a better life all the way around. And what better way to get that good for you water than to mix your smoothie with it!